Dare you come up the Close, what lurks at the end?Come and meet the spectacular spectres of Ferrie Scarie

hauntingly presents

The Queensferry Ghost Walk.

Since 2005 we have been raising the ghosts of  Queensferry's past for an evening of spine chilling entertainment. Learn about the Haunted Horseman of the Hawes, the Mad Minister, the Murderous Monkey and the Phantom Friars!

We are happy to scare Private Parties - Please Enquire.

Queensferry Ghost Walks start opposite Black Castle in the High Street at 9 o'clock dead

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 do it before you die

Tickets: a deliciously evil giveaway at £10 per skull

From Jenni at Sea Kist Antiques

47 High Street,

South Queensferry

0131 331 4242

or email ghosts@ferriescarie.co.uk

with your contact details, number of tickets required and for which date

- we'll send your e-tickets back to you

                                                                                       The Old Coffin Maker's ShedClapped in Irons

See some of oursurvivors  satisfied customers

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